Retirement Plans

Client Centered

We help businesses of all sizes design, implement and manage retirement plans, including 401k, 403b, 457, profit sharing, defined benefit, cash balance, SERP and NQDC. Whether you utilize the plans for additional tax strategies or for hiring and retaining top talent—or a combination of the two—we prepare a custom solution for you and your business.

Strengthen Fiduciary Guidance

In a time of financial regulatory scrutiny and a need for better investment management, we continue our commitment to deliver best practices in fiduciary excellence.

We can serve as a 3(21) Investment Adviser to share fiduciary responsibility for investment decisions, or as a 3(38) Investment Manager so that you can delegate all responsibility for investments decisions. In addition, we can engage a 3(16) Plan Administrator to ensure ERISA compliance.

Refine Investment Policies

We can help you build academically-sound, evidence-based investment strategies designed to help streamline choice without overwhelming plan participants.

Our process guides investment decisions and helps to protect the investment committee and plan sponsor. Important plan oversight includes:

  • Establishing a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Selecting high-quality & fairly-priced investments options
  • Benchmarking investment performance & vendor expenses
  • Documenting due diligence processes to substantiate fiduciary decisions

We develop investment strategies to meet the unique objectives specific to our clients’ objectives and plan participant needs.

Optimize Participant Outcomes

We care deeply about every participant in your plan, and we take a hands-on approach to encourage financial wellness and empower your employees with one-on-one education.

Manage Service Providers

You rely on service providers to keep your plan running smoothly. We make sure these providers communicate well and work together to best serve the plan and its  participants.

Best of the best options. We regularly benchmark service providers to identify best-in-class value for service. When necessary, we use industry RFP tools to select new vendors and help streamline the transitions.

Customize Plan Design

We take an active role in designing a retirement plan that’s right for you, your company, and your employees. Based on your plan objectives, design options may include:

Employee Deferral, Profi t-sharing, Safe Harbor, New Comparability, Cash Balance, Social Security Integration, and Executive Benefits (non-qualified).

Simplify Plan Administration

Administering a retirement plan is complex.

We offer fiduciary services that help simplify your plan administration..

Plan Administration Services:

  • Fulfillment of notice delivery
  • Multiple Payroll verification
  • Elimination of year-end census
  • Automation of approvals
  • Streamlined compliance testing & IRS fi lings
  • Reduced annual plan audit work

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